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  • I visited #Maidan in #Ukraine today; the place where the all of the #war in Ukraine started. These are some of the left over materials. Being here made this whole war so much more real for me. First of all, I gained a deeper respect for the people of my country. It takes an unbreakable amount of courage to stand up and go on strike against your own #government. Everyone who was killed here fighting for their dream, I pray that your soul rests in peace. The second thing that I realized was that our media only shows a microscopic truth of what is actually going on over here. In reality people are dying here every day. My neighbors, my friends, my family, and many others just like us all live in fear of what will happen next. Many of us have already lost loved ones, or at least know somebody who has. And what is all of this war being fought for? An idea. The #idea that one day, the Ukrainian people will stop living in a land that is #corrupted, where the government works for them rather than against them, where the people have the opportunity to grow, and where they will have a chance to reach something greater in life. In other words, they are fighting for #freedom. Everyone deserves a right to be free. Please remember Ukraine and pray for their #liberty from #corruption, #abuse and #tyranny. Слава Украины!!! 🔸🔶🔷🔹

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